Purple, Golden & Pink penguins

"The insurance won’t pay for his contact. *Ba dum tsss* " - Meet The Robinsons
If only I can put my cat on my head like this. =DD


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Smash Cake! 

Do you know what a ‘smash cake’ is???… you don’t?!

well let me tell ya…..  it’s a molded chocolate pinata!!! It’s exactly the same concept as a mexican pinata with the added fact that Smash Cakes are hallow just like the bunny chocolates you’ve eaten at Easter time and you can stuff them with all kinds of candies, truffles.

In order to get to the truffles/candy you have to smash into it just like a mexican pinata!!! (in this case you smash into it with a  wooden malet) 

They have them all sizes, from large to small!


BTW, i saw this on barefoot contessa…. very awesome TV show. On the show they had the really big one! :D

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